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Going Round The House

Ken Laverty's railway around the house in Kent

By Ken Laverty

The track runs around the bungalow crossing the drive on a removable bridge ( 3rd rebuild now complete), one side along the side of the garage covered as a tunnel/storage shed,and thats another story, approx. 300'.

 About 11/12 years ago Derek Smith (RHDR fame) made a video called Passenger Carrying Garden Railways Vol 1, he came round and filmed the LMR which he included in his video.


Left -

Taken of my home built Bo Bo copy of the L G B loco for the Austrian  meter gauge, using maxitrak bogies, one powered one no-powered. Steel chassis, and the body made from plywood. Control by resistance tapping using relays.

Right -

The new bridge over the drive, made up from two 5" box sections with a cable tray on top and the track bolted on. So far no derailments on or off the bridge  other places yes, but not on the bridge!


Above - looking along towards the bridge front garden

Above - Passing loop leading down from along side car port and tunnel towards the front garden.

Left - Again the front garden from the bridge. Neighbours, we have very good understanding neighbours, but again this is another story with a prievious one!

Track coming up from the side of the bungalow, as of picture on the right,with the track embedded in the tarmac, around the back then as last pic. around and into the tunnel down the side of the garage, this being of very little clearance.

    I also have a Maxitrak Dixie and two simplicity's, four bogie trolley's, two of which are made up to look like S R coaches.

This page originally was written around 2002. It was back in the days of dial up internet so pictures were low quality. 12mb in an hour was good going.

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