We can only run trains if we follow current Covid guidance.

  • 2m spacing between bubbles/people
  • No groups bigger than 6 people
  • Trains cleaned and access to hand sanitzer
We are guided by government and local legislations/guidance. If conditions change they we may have to adapt or cancel any proposed running.

Tickets are being sold by the socially distanced coach

Ticket is for two complete loops of the track which is nearly 1 mile. 

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Trains Depart From HAVERING HALT - not the playground

Due to the covid situation we are only taking passengers that have bought tickets online. Tickets are sold for coaches to ensure social distancing.

Until we can resume turn up and pay to ride, it is much safer to operate from an area where there is a little more space away from passing public.

Tickets are for specific trains.

The time on your ticket is the DEPARTURE time. The journey lasts about 15 minutes. We need the time between trips to clean the coaches and allow for people to embark the train and recieve a quick safety briefing. 

Our trains are miniature ones. They require persons to sit centrally, low down and not to lean. If you are uncertain about suitabillity or need additional help, please get in touch before hand so we can see if we can be of assistance.

If you miss your train then there may not be space on another train.

Park Map

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All fares and donations go towards the running and installation of the railway. The club is grateful to individual members who allow use of their trains by the club. If you think it could be run commercially then please think again. Fares taken would not even cover wages let alone the purchase of trains, some of which cost more than the price of a new small car.