Raised/ Ground Driving Truck

(Combination Truck)


  • Chassis 709mm long
  • 250mm chassis width
  • 4" wheels with shoe brake to every wheel

Optional Extras

  • Custom Colour
  • Sprung buffers
  • Additional seat (ground running)

  • 5 mm laser cut steel chassis
  • Glass beaded plastic axle boxes
  • 6000zz ball race seal bearings
  • Well wagon design allows for low level riding on raised tracks - very stable
  • Adjustable height and width side skirts
  • Composite lightweight side panels - slide in for ease of transporting
  • Ratchet hand brake with shoe on every wheel
For Ground Running

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  • Birch plywood body
  • Wider cushion with composite foam
  • Two position hook in running boards - Steel framed with timber infill.
  • Brake handle positioned with in the truck body
  • Ratchet brake allows brake to be left on

For Raised Track Running

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  • Narrow cushion drops in between frames - keeps centre of gravity down
  • Two hook in side skirts with aluminium composite panels
  • Easy access to brake handle
  • Height of running boards can be adjusted by drilling additional holes in the supports

While you may not at first like the thought of side skirts - they do have many advantages -
  • Allows for feet to be put in different positions - avoid cramp
  • Full support to base of the foot
  • Keeps feet and legs away from the track structure - some clubs have banned stirrups for this reason
Side skirts are steel framed with a aluminium/polypropylene composite panel which slides in and out to help with moving the truck. The hook in brackets have 3 positions which give you a variation in width of 120mm. Height can be adjusted by drilling additional holes in the drop angle irons.

While 4 wheel trucks are not the smoothest ride the well design lowers the rider and thus offering a more stable ride than some equivalent bogie trucks. Having only one axle in front allows for the driver to be much closer to the engine than a bogie well wagon.

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