MK3 5" Gauge Bogie

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  • Wheels from 3.5" blanks EN8 steel
  • 1/2" diameter EN1A Steel axles
  • Wheel base 170mm

Optional Extras

  • Brakes
  • Brake handle,
  • Cable worked brakes
  • Price for a pair (two bogies)
  • Will easily go around 2.1m (7') radius curves
  • 8mm steel side frames
  • Integral vibration mounts
  • Sprung compensating design - for loaded and unloaded trains
  • 6mm steel cross plates included
  • Bump stop protection to stop springs being over compressed
  • Top of cross plate to rail 96mm (loaded)
  • Restricted turn - this avoids bogie over rotation in a derailment
The basic design of the bogie came around after finding bogies with out compensating springing would not stay on our own garden railway. The springs are designed to push the wheel sets down to keep them in contact with the rail. This is especially important on tight curved track where the leading wheel is trying to ride up and over the rail. The positioning of the springs ensures loads are evenly distributed and down pressure isn't lost due to un even track.

The design even allows the wheel sets to drop when a train is unloaded.

If you are running on very level track with large sweeping curves then cheaper bogies are OK. In the real world tracks usually aren't level and these bogies will even cope with curves with superelevation.

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